Uitsig 2010

Memory serves as a device that renders reality fiction. ‘Uitsig’ functions as a binary between a real and non-real space that co-exists with my recollection of specific sites. In retrospect the place Uitsig acts as a point of departure in my investigation of stereotypical assumptions made around social-constructs, land and ownership. Within a utopian facade socio-political ideology creates a kind of forced national identity. In this sense land and identity serves as a singular body that apposes this notion of an ideal construct, thereby revealing a hidden dystopia.

This body of work deals with fragments from my past and the relationship my memory has with these physical spaces. The series investigates how memory reconstructs and fictionalizes a different reality to what is physically manifested as objects within the space. In attempt to regain ownership of my identity this exploration has left me further estranged. Here the landscape acts as a barrier between my past and the present.